Who are you?

How long does shipping take?

  • We ship items every 2-3 days. It usually takes 4-8 days for your order to get to you if you're in the United States. If you're anywhere else, add about a week to that time.

It's been a while and my order hasn't shown up!

  • Please send us an email at [email protected] if it's been a while and you're concerned your order might have gone missing. We'll check the date we sent it out and let you know if you should be worried yet (and if you should be worried we'll get right on resending the order).

Why is the shipping cost so high?

  • Shipping cost a lot! We charge the bare minimum we can for the comics themselves and our other merchandise, so we actually have to charge the real amount for shipping and the material we ship in. We promise we're not trying to stick it to you! We lose money left and right so we're not making a fortune by any means with our shipping costs. We include freebies inside the package to soften the shipping blow.

You're sold out of issue (insert any number here). Will you be getting more?

  • Yes! We reorder any time we run out, but our printer is slow as all heck. But we'll be sure to make an announcement on the most current page whenever we get comics back in stock.

Do you have those striped sleeve Minor Acts of Heroism T-Shirts anymore?

  • We sold out! We're looking into finding a new printer for them to get more made (the shirts themselves are mad pricey), so maybe some day! We'll announce them in the store if we get them.

Any comments, questions, concerns, please use the Contact button right below the FAQ area you clicked to get here, or email us directly at:
[email protected]